You know in your heart that you can do this. You can build a successful business and reach your dreams, but you feel lost on how to get there. You feel stuck.
I’m here to help you along your journey! Together we’ll build a strong business plan that will break through these road blocks and pave YOUR path to success.

it's your time!

• Long to take your creative passion and turn it into a real, profitable business?
• Struggle to attract your ideal client?
• Want to raise your prices but don’t know how?
• Feel discouraged and overwhelmed with your workload?
• Need help prioritizing tasks effectively?
• Feel that there is no room for your business in the industry?
• Want to run for the hills rather than focus on “selling”?
• Need a stronger work/life balance?

right for you? Do you...

is a mentor session

• Desire to create a strategic, valuable approach to marketing on social media?
• Struggle to implement a productive daily, weekly and monthly working routine?
• Feel that your client management process is disorganized?
• Struggle to step outside of your comfort zone creatively, socially and professionally?
• Desire to have your work published?
• Dream of growing other areas of your business?
• Feel intimidated when you think about personalizing your brand?

“I feel like she asked me all of the right questions to dig deeper to find out what exactly I needed. I left our session with no questions, but a lot of information and tools to help me take my business to the next level. Ashley left no stones unturned and has helped me to set my business up for success while instilling confidence in me and my business. I recommend her sessions to any creative that feels like they need that push to take their business to the next level. I would love to incorporate a session once a year to keep the blood in my business flowing and to help keep me accountable to continually making my business better. Thank you Ashley!”

- Jocelyn M.

ashley left no stones unturned and has helped me set my business up for success

“Ashley is AMAZING! That is the simplest way to explain how incredibly talented she is! Being able to work so closely with someone whose work (and work ethic) I admire and look up to so much has been such an honor. She is one of the most humble and genuine people I have met in this industry. She truly cares about your success and is the definition of #communityovercompeiton. She covers everything from building your business from scratch, to camera techniques, posing, working with clients, and pretty much anything you have questions on! I’m so happy I crossed paths with Ashley! My business and my life have forever been changed because of her and the way she’s challenged me to be the best photographer I can possibly be!”


she truly cares about your success and is the 
definition of #communityovercompetition

“This was the best decision I've made for my business in a long time. It felt so good to talk things out with someone who knows where I'm coming from and who is very obviously doing lots of things right. Ashley is so motivating and knows exactly how to get to the heart of things. So, so glad that I took a leap and did this session and I cannot wait to implement the things we talked about!”

- Elisha T.

the best decision I've made for my business in a long time



Online:   $799 for 1 session, or 3 sessions for $1699
In-Person:   $899 for 1 session, or 3 sessions for $1899

Payable by check, cash or credit card.