I love being a part of this ever-growing, passionate creative community! I find so much joy in sharing my experiences and knowledge at conferences and seminars online and across the country. Here are some of my recent talks.


You listen to your heart, believe in your purpose and work hard every day to turn your dream into a reality. You are a creative entrepreneur who is sharing your unique art with the world. But how do you continue sharing your passion while still building a successful business that will support your future professional and personal goals? I’ll share how a strategic overall approach will make all the difference in the growth and profitability of your business.

Building a Profitable Creative Business

From Passion to Thriving

Our clients invite us into their personal lives and most precious moments. Years from now they’ll look at these captured memories and long to relive that happiness, re-feel that love. This talk will teach you tips and tricks for how to quickly establish a strong bond with your clients, understand and celebrate their unique personalities and relationships, and deliver photos that will not only wow them with beauty, but cause them to tear up with happiness.

Celebrate Your Clients’ True Relationship

How to Evoke Genuine Emotion During a Photo Session

Yes, you are here to celebrate your talents and creativity, but you are also here to serve the wonderful people who hire you. With each client comes different expectations to manage and so you may find yourself facing this challenge; how do you ensure satisfaction for all? During this talk I’ll share steps you can take to guarantee happy customers who will spread the positive news about your growing business and send many ideal referrals your way!

Turning Clients into Champions

Exceeding Client Expectations & Earning a 5-Star Review

Ever wonder how to find your niche in the creative world? How to get noticed by potential clients in an overflowing market? I’ll get real and talk about the tactics you need to help your voice strongly stand out. You deserve to be here. You were meant to be here. So let me help you rise above!

Because You Deserve to Stand Out

How to Create Your Place in a New or Saturated Market

Sharing your creative work with the world can be intimidating. With so much talent out there, it can at times seem impossible to feel worthy and push forward. I know that feeling all too well and have spent time wallowing in self-doubt. That was, until I realized the only one standing between me and success was ME. During this talk I’ll share how a small change in mind set can fuel you with confidence and
lead you to the big results you long for!

Be Bold, Be Brave and Be YOU

Escaping Self-Doubt to Pursue Your Passion with Confidence

It’s the subject no one wants to talk about. The topic that makes you cringe and run away; it’s SELLING. You can’t ignore it and you can’t hide from it. Because without it, your business will not grow. Fortunately, this area of business is one that I have a lot of experience in and am very comfortable talking about. I’ll cover why most sales approaches fail, introduce a sales process that will turn inquiries into clients and answer all of your tough questions!

Selling 101

Converting Inquiries into Clients