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So, what’s the deal with Instagram bios? I mean, does it really matter what’s included there?

Can’t you just check out what market leaders are doing and follow their approach, mirror the way they’ve laid out their bio, and consider it a job well done? Maybe throw in a random emoji or two and then call it a day?

NEGATIVE. Don’t you dare wing it, friend.

Your Instagram bio is one of the MOST valuable forms of communication available to you within Instagram.

It’s the FIRST space users see when they visit your Instagram profile. It’s where they instantly look to collect a clarifying definition of who you are and what they can expect from your content if they decide to stick around and continue following along.

Your Instagram bio is your opportunity to make a worthwhile impression and spark more connections so you can establish a growing community of customers.

So, what’s your play here? Will you just throw something totally random together and roll the dice? Or, do you want to create an impactful impression that will pull more target customers into your insta-community for the long-term?

Cheers to you for choosing intention and strategy. Now, let’s get to work on mapping out what MUST be in your Instagram bio . . .

Choose a Personality-Filled Image

Differentiate your brand (and yourself) from your competition by choosing an image that radiates with your (and your team’s) unique presence. Your true self (selves) should be jumping out of the Instagram app and grabbing the attention of your ideal audience instead of just blending into a sea of other accounts.

What criteria should you use as you swipe through your camera roll and try to choose the right image or set up a photo shoot to snag a few options? Here’s your profile image checklist to keep you focused . . . 

  1. Support Instagram’s love for personalization and socialization by bringing your recognizable face to the forefront of your profile with a close up headshot.
  2. Express the personality and energy followers can come to expect as they continue to get to know you and your brand.
  3. Embody a welcoming, friendly vibe to help visitors feel compelled to stay put and explore a bit more.
  4. Add details that match your brand’s aesthetic. This means the color scheme and backdrop along with your clothing and accessories should collectively align with the consistent look of your brand.

Build a Value-Filled Description

Visitors are going to read your description and try to gain an understanding of your value within only seconds of absorbing your words.

It’s essential that you take full advantage of this limited space to be as impactful as possible and communicate your multifaceted value.

You must clarify your role, explain your offerings, demonstrate authenticity, and drive the viewer to take action in only a handful of characters!

Let’s do this. Here’s your bio description checklist . . .

  1. Include your purpose (WHY are you here?)
  2. Communicate your main offering (WHAT do you provide?)
  3. Mention WHO you serve.
  4. Write in the first person to bring your authentic brand’s voice forward in a personalized manner.
  5. Feature storytelling emojis for additional interest.
  6. Add an enticing call to action that will migrate visitors off of the Instagram platform and into a lasting relationship with your brand. An effective type of link to feature is one that leads to a complementary solution!

Are you feeling a bit lost about what you can offer via the link in your bio in order to entice your following to join your email list and move into a stronger connection with your business? I’ve got you covered! Click here to download my FREE Bio Link Brainstorming List! It’s all yours.

Boost Retention with a Powerful Instagram Bio

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go create it.