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You know that marketing is your way to bridge the gap between your ideal clients and the value of your products and services so you’re working day in and day out to make it a priority in your business.

You’re taking numerous webinars, seeking out continuous education routinely, and spending countless hours late into the night crafting what you believe to be worthy marketing material to scatter across social media.

You recognize that the effect of your marketing efforts may take time to prove successful but the lag is starting to grow so large that you’re beginning to think your approach is a total failure. Your emails are going unopened, posts going unliked with minimal comments attached, advertisements building up additional costs with no returns, and ultimately – the results are NOT showing up.

You’re feeling really frustrated and this downer attitude spills into your creativity, ability to stay focused, and ultimately throws you and your business into a deeply negative place.

Let’s face the mistakes you’re making together so we can uncover areas for improvement and start rolling out marketing efforts that will bear strong results for your business!

Misdirecting your message – Speaking to a general audience as though you are broadcasting about your business rather than speaking directly to the people you want to work with is a wasted move. You’re missing the opportunity to have a stronger impact on the people who will actually be interested in moving forward with a purchase or jumping into a signed contract.

When you share marketing efforts that lack targeted customizations, you’re sending your message towards people who may have zero need or interest in your offering. This translates into you wasting time and valuable resources!

Centering content around your offering – You might be hyper focused on what you have to offer, causing you to miss out on the chance to communicate you care and recognize what truly matters to your target ideal client.

You must address the needs of your target audience. Without doing so you’re potentially coming off VERY salesy and boastful rather than committed to the needs and desires of your customers.

You’re throwing away the opportunity to make your audience develop an emotional connection to your business because you aren’t allowing them to feel SEEN.

Taking the copy cat personalization approach – Are you ACTUALLY personalizing your content with your truth – your true personality, unique quirks, authentic traits, and real self? Or, are you trying to be someone else just because their approach is reaching success?

This dishonest approach is easily seen through and places you into a route that will sooner or later fall apart.

Not differentiating yourself and your offering – You’re avoiding calling attention to what sets you apart from your competition and the rest of the market. Maybe it’s because you’re nervous, shy, embarrassed – whatever the reason, without stepping forward and claiming your unique space in the market you’re allowing yourself and your business to blend into the crowd.

Leaving delivery up to chance – You’re dedicating valuable time and resources towards sharing high-impact content but you’re not driving home the delivery of your message. You’re not seeing through the marketing process to make sure your efforts are maximized and your value successfully reaches more customers.

Why Your Marketing Message is Failing

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go create it.