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*Ding, ding

You get notified that you just received a business inquiry about your products and services from a potential customer. You do a little happy dance in your seat and smile with excitement.

But then, you remember that an inquiry means you’ve got to send a response. A good response . . .

*Tap, tap, tap

Your fingers rap against your desk as you stare at the blank email you’ve been attempting to start for the last twenty minutes, going on forty years.


Whether you’re reaching out to potential clients/customers cold-call style for or you’ve received an inquiry, you’re in the important position of making a memorable and action-inspiring first impression.

No pressure, right?

Very often entrepreneurs handle their first email to potential clients in one of two ways . . .

Some professionals include the basics in a super dry and empty way—not being informative enough or providing enough value up front. This is a mistake because it doesn’t take advantage of the opportunity to connect with the real-life person on the other side of that email.

Whereas other entrepreneurs over-pack their email with a bunch of information (some totally unrelated) and come off as salesy and aggressive. This approach can push people away.

The goal is to write a strong email that makes a good impression and provides enough information, insight, and value to continue the conversation. PRAISE!

Below are the four selling points that you must have in your first email to really knock it out of the park!

1. Personalize Your Email

Use this email to communicate your personality. It’s your chance to show that there’s a driven person behind your business. This is a chance to demonstrate that you really care about your clients and customers—you’re no zombie!

This matters because we live in such a technical world right now where there are tons of generic, cold emails floating around with automatic replies. And those can come off detached to the receiver.

Humans naturally crave connection. AND, the person inquiring also longs to feel important.

You’re totally missing the boat on establishing a connection on day one if you don’t personalize your email by showing that you care, are unique, and authentic.

So give your potential clients a chance to connect with you by showcasing a little bit of who you are and what you bring to the table. Incorporate phrases that truly sound like you and feature punctuation that will emphasize your mood!

2. Include Credibility

You need to include further proof that you’re a professional business owner with solid products and services in your initial email. Providing this proof adds to your credibility and all of that establishes trust—which is so, so key!

This matters because who would want to work with someone they don’t trust?

Easy answer—no one.

Use your first email to reveal what you’re capable of and what you’ve done, initiating trust right off the bat while putting yourself, products, and services in a favorable position.

Connection is built on trust, so you’ve gotta start there!

3. Share Praise

It’s really important to bring praise and recognition into your email without going over the top. There’s definitely a right and wrong way to do it.

Your first email is a place where you can wow the person on the other end and further demonstrate that you’re not only a professional who provides these products and services, but that you’re doing it on an exceptional level.

Let’s be honest—your potential clients are shopping around. You HAVE TO stand out. So, what is an award you’ve won, or positive review you’ve received, that you can send along with your message? Sharing the experiences of past clients and customers who were thrilled with your quality paints a unique, favorable picture in the minds of potential clients.

4. Lead into Personalized Communication

You don’t want all your value to only be communicated through text—emails and web content. So your initial email needs to prompt real-life communication. The goal must be to get on the phone, have an in-person meeting, or an online virtual hangout with your potential clients and customers.

This matters because actually speaking to them is a big determinant on whether or not they’ll move forward with you. This kind of personalized conversation gives you the chance to thoroughly share your authenticity, passion, and value in a much more impactful way than what is possible in email form.

You DO NOT want to waste your first impression. It’s your shot—the shot you need to move potential clients and customers from interest to contract/purchase!

The four selling points I shared are ways to bring selling into your email without feeling salesy. These are things that actually bring value to your emails as they provide information that really does matter to the person on the other end! And might very well be the determining factor in their decision-making process!

4 Selling Points to Include in Your First Email

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